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Teenage girls are seen brawling in their bikinis in busy park at Coogee Beach

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Sickening moment young woman in a black bikini viciously attacks a teenage sunbather - as young men egg them on yelling 'hit her'

  • Teenage girl was seen shouting at three other girls sunbaking at Coogee Park
  • The girl suddenly started attacking one girl, punching her and pulling her hair
  • Other men watching on were heard calling out 'hit her' as police now investigate
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By Eliza Mcphee For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 04:47, 27 September 2021 | Updated: 07:16, 27 September 2021

Police are investigating a shocking video showing two teenage girls viciously fighting in a park while young men watching on cried out: 'Hit her!' 

Footage shows a girl in a black bikini standing over and shouting at three other young women sunbaking in a park at Coogee Bay Oval in Sydney's east on Friday.

The trio of sitting women kept calm - but the woman in black then launched at one of them and started punching her and pulling her hair.

A group of men watching on were heard egging the duo on as the violence continued. 

Sickening footage has captured two teenage girls fighting at Coogee Bay Oval on Friday afternoon

The attacker was then seen dragging one of the women over the grass - losing her bikini top in the process - as the victim's friends tried to pull her away.

The attack lasted for nearly a minute and ended with the girl in the black bikini firing one last kick toward the victim's head.

A NSW Police spokesperson said officers were called to the park at about 2.10pm on Friday following reports 'a teenage girl had assaulted two other girls'.

'The group dispersed before police arrived. Officers from Eastern Beaches Police Area Command are conducting inquiries.'

The teenager attacker was seen punching and pulling the hair of her victim, losing her bikini top in the process

The footage was taken by a concerned parent who watched the horror unfold.

'She can't be let to get away with this thinking she can just attack people and not have any consequence, and the young blokes egging her on should also be tracked down and charged with inciting the violence,' the father told The Daily Telegraph. 

The park the incident occurred in is opposite Coogee Beach and is often busy with people exercising. 

It's unclear what provoked the attack. 

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