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Shocking footage shows truck crashes, near misses at crossing across one state's rail network

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Shocking footage shows truck crashes, near misses at crossings and people falling down stairs across just one state’s rail network

  • Queensland Rail compilation video shows the worst of the state's commuters
  • The video shows trucks smashing into rail bridges and people tripping on tracks
  • Several near misses including cars on rail crossings also feature in the video 
  • It comes ahead of Queensland Rail's Rail Safety Week starting next week

By Max Aldred For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 15:22, 6 August 2022 | Updated: 15:22, 6 August 2022

A video nasty has revealed the frequent horrifying accidents and terrifying near-misses on the Queensland State Rail lines.

The video caught people rushing to make the trains, falling near rail lines, vehicles nearly being hit at rail crossings and oversized trucks smashing into rail bridges. 

The CCTV footage compilation has been released ahead of Rail Safety Week in the hope it will raise awareness of the dangers around railway tracks. 

Many cars and trucks were caught out parking far too close to rail lines (pictured) and disobeying signs at level crossings

Some of the more frightening near misses in the video were the trucks parked right over the rail lines (pictured)

One of the clips shows a traveller looking at their phone while walking down a flight of stairs, stumbling just next to the tracks.

Multiple clips show the boom arms at level crossings dropping on top of cars and trucks which tried to sneak through at the last moment, while others show drivers freezing on the tracks as trains bear down on them.

A Mercedes owner caught in two minds between both sets of tracks can be seen waiting for a train to pass before it scrapes past with just millimetres to spare.

Another shows a truck filled with supplies buckling after ramming the parapet of a rail bridge and getting jammed underneath, while an upright porta-potty is shown smacking a bridge in another clip. 

In the wake of the shocking video's release, state transport minister Mark Bailey begged Queensland commuters and motorists to follow safety directions. 

Transport minister for Queensland said 'there's no point risking yourself near rail, we're seeing an increase in near misses for both passengers and vehicles'

Other clips in the video showed trucks smashing into rail bridges that were far too low for them to pass through (pictured)

'There's no point risking yourself near rail,' he said. 'We're seeing an increase in near misses for both passengers and vehicles and that's a worry to us.

'Trains are huge masses, so it's up to you to stay out of the way.' 

'Just don't risk it around rail.' 

Mr Bailey warned the power lines above the rail corridors carried high voltage currents and posed a threat to anyone underneath.

The minister also announced the state was removing multiple level crossings, which featured heavily in the video, with cars and trucks stopped close to or on train tracks at the crossings. 

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