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Review: Jonas Brothers Family Roast- 3/5

1 week ago 10

STORY: This Netflix comedy special features the Jonas Brothers getting roasted by family and friends. Kevin, Joe and Nick are roasted by comedians like Lilly Singh, John Legend, Jack Whitehall and Blake Shelton in front of their parents and audience.

REVIEW: The roast of the Jonas Brothers does not evoke extreme or even engaged reactions from us. Barring a few, most of the jokes are tepid and they fail to crack you up. The scripted parts of the show that feature the Jonas Brothers in the basement of their house, baseball stadium and during the end credits, seem juvenile and hardly evoke any laughter. The piece that features Joe Jonas and Niall Horan in a gym can easily go down as the worst act of the show.

The only saving grace about this roast is that the fun is somewhat clean and the proportions of below-the-belt jokes don’t exceed a certain number. From the comedian lot, while Jack Whitehall and Pete Davidson save the day for the Brothers, Lilly Singh and Dr. Phil, the family physician, bore us to death. Why Dr. Phil was even included in the roast is simply beyond comprehension. While this was a great chance for Lilly Singh to show us her prowess with insult comedy, she barely uses it do anything truly funny.

Thanks to Saturday Night Live comedian Kenan Thompson, despite a bad script, he somehow manages to make the show stand up on its feet. Credit must also be given to the better halves for making the show watchable. Daniella Jonas, Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra Jonas mince no words in mocking their husbands in front of a crowd. Their jokes are funny and keep you engaged. Few of the jokes are rooted in American pop culture and a connection with Indian audiences would be wishful thinking.

The entire roast proceeding somehow looks tame and half-baked. You always keep looking for those high points and zing and the sad thing is it’s just not available for its entire duration. In the words of British stand-up comedian Jack Whitehall, “These guys are like covid virus and if this second wave has taught us anything, it's that as a society we cannot eradicate the Jonas brothers. We must just learn to live with them. And pray they don’t mutate'' - If jokes like these crack you up, then go for this roast. This is strictly for die-hard Jonas Brothers and if you are not a ‘Jonah-holic’ (in the words Whitehall) feel free to make most of your skip button. John Legend roasts the Jonas Brothers through a song that mentions they are not quite the Beatles. Isn’t it ironic that a Beatles documentary made by none other than Peter Jackson is about to hit the OTT world tomorrow.

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