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Prince Charles visits Kew Gardens with Gabon's President Ali Bongo Ondimba

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Prince Charles visited Kew Gardens today where he met with the president of Gabon during a visit themed around sustainable businesses and biodiversity.  

The heir to the throne, 72, looked in great spirits during the visit of the Herbarium of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Jordell Laboratory in west London

The Prince of Wales witnessed first hand the Royal Botanic Garden's efforts to promote biodiversity around the world and particularly in relations to effort. 

He was joined by Gabon's president Ali Bongo Ondimba, with whom he met CEOs who have taken part in his Sustainable Markets Initiative. 

The programme was introduced by Prince Charles at The World Economic Forum 2020 Annual Meeting in Davos, and involves a 10-point action plan to kickstart sustainable business ideas across the 2020s. 

Prince Charles, 72, visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, in South West London today, alongside the president of Gabon Ali Bongo Ondimba

The future sovereign chatted warmly with Chair of Trustees Amelia Fawcett and a staff member during his visit, pictured

The Prince of Wales was taken on a tour of the gardens by Amelia Fawcett, and learned more about the Garden's biodiversity efforts 

Prince Charles looked in great spirit during the visit, where he was greeted by Royal Botanic Gardens Kew's Chair of Trustees Amelia Fawcett. 

Dressed in a smart pinstriped navy suit, with a crisp white shirt and a light blue scarf, he greeted President Bongo Ondimba, who was wearing a similar navy suit with a pink and blue tie. 

The pair first toured the Herbarium, respectfully followed by the SMI CEOs who took part in the visit. 

Charles, led by Amelia Fawcett and an unnamed member of staff, wearing a stylish navy velvet jacket over a floral dress, was shown around the gardens' grounds, where he learned about the biodiversity efforts Kew is pursuing around the world.

Surprised visitors who had taken a break on one of the garden's benches waved at Prince Charles and the cohort of CEOs 

The future monarch and a selective groups of visitors moved on to the Jodrell Laboratory, where he learned more about how the diversity efforts at Kew Gardens relates to business

Prince Charles seemed in great spirit as he greeted Ali Bongo Ondimba at Kew's Herbatorium today, pictured 

The Prince of Wales chatted to Kew staff members with his usual warmth during the visit.

Surprised visitors casually waved at the future sovereign during the tour, to which he responded with good humour. 

The group then moved inside to the Jodrell Laboratory, where a specialist went into more details about the sustainability efforts undertaken at Kew, especially in relations to business. 

The presentation seemed to focus on bunches of lavenders, which were propped in tube in front of the visitors.  

A handful of CEOs selected from the larger group were allowed to visit the lab with Charles.

Charles and President Ali waited solemnly with Alicia Fawcett before the visit started in earnest

The first-in-line to the throne appeared relaxed and ready to seize the day as he emerged from his car, pictured

Something caught Prince Charles' attention during his visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew with the CEOs of his Sustainable Markets initiative, pictured

Charles's Sustainable Markets Council aims to champion sustainable markets around the world with help from companies, financial institutions and governments. 

His initiative hopes to 'find ways to rapidly decarbonise the global economy and make the transition to sustainable markets', Clarence House said today.

A spokesman for Charles added at the time the scheme was launched that it also 'brings together leading international figures from the private, public and philanthropic sectors'. 

Charles is the Royal Family's most noted and passionate green campaigner and recently told how he believes climate change reaches a 'tipping point'.

Speaking in November 2019 during his tour of New Zealand, Charles said he feared for his grandchildren's future as the world faces 'an urgent global crisis'. 

He added that humans have been on a 'dizzying spending spree for centuries' with the planet's resources and we are facing a 'climate and biodiversity emergency'.

Charles has been outspoken about climate change for years – and last year it was revealed he attempted to convince US President Donald Trump of its seriousness.

Speaking at Clarence House in July 2019, Charles warned that the following 18 months were critical for humanity to survive the impact of climate change.

The Prince said the future of our species – as well as the world's wildlife – could be decided in a series of crucial United Nations meetings between world leaders.

Charles led the group as the visit began, listening intently to Amelia Fawcett as she discussed Kew's foray into biodiversity 

The Prince of Wales looked stylish in a pinstriped suit and a crisp white shirt. His tie was a delicate light blue, and he had picked a grey pocket square

Charles put on an animated display during his visit today as a specialist gave a presentation in the laboratory, pictured

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