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Faceoff: Rajnath hails Veer Savarkar, divides Twitter

4 days ago 4

NEW DELHI. Hailing Veer Savarkar as a staunch nationalist and India's first military strategist in the 20th century, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday said it was on Mahatma Gandhi's request that he wrote mercy petitions to the British and people from the Marxist and Leninist ideology wrongly accuse him of being a fascist.
Joining Singh, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat hit out at what they called a motivated campaign to vilify the image of Veer Savarkar as part of a larger project to malign the Hindutva movement and cause divisions in society.

Slamming Singh, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi alleged that the BJP will soon declare Savarkar as 'the father of the nation'.

#WATCH | "...I don't think Gandhi is the father of nation. Country like India cannot have one father of the nation,… https://t.co/kwsQ1pLD3A

— ANI (@ANI) 1634124227000

Singh's remarks divided Twitter, with many users hailing Savarkar as a true nationalist, while others claimed that the Defence Minister was peddling misinformation.

Hello @rajnathsingh FYI:Savarkar has written mercy petitions in 1911 and 1913, and Gandhi ji returned to India in… https://t.co/c0RrnLZMS1

— Greeshma Shukla🏹🚜 (@GreeshmaShukla) 1634103031000

'Singh is right'

Some needless brouhaha abt statement by @rajnathsingh In my Vol 1 & in countless interviews I had stated already th… https://t.co/7NfWLwUGfv

— Dr. Vikram Sampath, FRHistS (@vikramsampath) 1634100639000

'Gandhi was in South Africa when Savarkar filed his first mercy petition'

In 1911, Savarkar files his 1st mercy petition, Gandhi is in S Africa. This is why problem need actual education… https://t.co/EWyr6loofF

— Lavanya Ballal (@LavanyaBallal) 1634121603000

'NCERT books distorting history to serve Nehruvian ideology'

Can't imagine the brainwashing done through our NCERT books by distorting the history for decades. Nehruvian govern… https://t.co/iRANHsgWad

— Raji Subramanian (@IamRajii) 1634093689000

'RSS has a habit of rewriting history'

Rajnath Singh-ji is amongst the few sober & dignified voices in Modi Sarkar. But he doesnt seem to be free of RSS h… https://t.co/zY4HUnKlym

— Jairam Ramesh (@Jairam_Ramesh) 1634108601000

I have never read anything about Gandhi asking Savarkar to file mercy petitions before the British.Any primary so… https://t.co/sdRa7ukOPG

— Advaid അദ്വൈത് (@Advaidism) 1634091720000

There's a twist to Ramesh's claim

The letter in question is dated 1920.Savarkar’s first clemency petition from the Cellular jail was in August 1911… https://t.co/Y1fpANVq8B

— C.R.Kesavan (@crkesavan) 1634106810000

Comparison between Nehru and Savarkar

Nehru's father apologised after just 15 days he was kept in a real jail. This was the only ONE time Nehru was kept… https://t.co/prm7jkzVwo

— Vikas Pandey (@MODIfiedVikas) 1634108675000

Sequence of petitions

Savarkar wrote his five mercy petitions:First: 1911, Second: 1913, Third: 1914, Fourth: 1918and Fifth: 1920.So,… https://t.co/m8CuIrFyTk

— Ravi Nair (@t_d_h_nair) 1634104133000

'Gandhi on Savarkar'

“He is clever. He is brave, he is a patriot. The evil, in its hidden form of the present system of Government, he s… https://t.co/EaF8o3XkG5

— Amit Malviya (@amitmalviya) 1634115242000

'Singh under pressure to emulate Modi'

Sad that the dignified Rajnath Singh is forced to peddle joke history on Savarkar being asked to file mercy petitio… https://t.co/2qf9KwsrfA

— Swati Chaturvedi (@bainjal) 1634103959000

'Savarkar original victim of cancel-culture'

Retrospective reviews of Savarkar's life are to be welcomed not rejected. Scholars must put facts first. Gandhi cal… https://t.co/OnKTEnNsVs

— Rahul Shivshankar (@RShivshankar) 1634103445000

'New history for new India'

Yes, monochromatic history writing is really changing, led by the minister who claims Gandhi asked Savarkar to writ… https://t.co/bJSF3CdmJx

— S lrfan Habib (@irfhabib) 1634091929000

And the jokes followed.....

Stage 1: No, Savarkar didn't write mercy petitionsStage 2: Ok, Savarkar may have written, but that's coz he was t… https://t.co/OcVjotuzHg

— PuNsTeR™ (@Pun_Starr) 1634101960000

Mahatma Gandhi asked Einstein to write "Theory of Relativity " https://t.co/T26fnj24gn

— Nocturnal Soul (@Mirage_gurrl) 1634107594000
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